Kerri Joy

Stanzas for Music EP

Front Cover

“Stanzas for Music” is a nuanced and lyrical journey through a myriad of musical expressions. Breath-taking and beautifully crafted, it is an album born out of years of collection, growth, introspection, and adventures.

Credits & Acknowledgements

Musical Talent

Guitar (Acoustic) : Cole Mickelson, Joshua Parlanti

Guitar (Electric), Sitar, Misc. : Joshua Parlanti

Drums : John Hanson

Electric Cello : Matthew Probst

Upright Bass : Matthew Blake

Clarsach: Quentin Vestur

Instrument Star of the Show: 1972 Gibson Dove featured on all songs minus “Stanzas”: courtesy of Patrick and LuAnn Conroy

Album Artwork: Original Watercolor and Ink painting by Arianne Zager,

Additional design work by Michael Javorka

Instrumental tracking: Wyrding Way Productions/The Lathe Room
Vocal Tracking: Wild Sound
Co-Produced: Kerri Joy and Joshua Parlanti
Mastering: Todd Fitzgerald (Winterland Studios)
Digital Distribution: DistroKid
Physical Distribution: Kunaki
Website Design: Kerri Joy

A HUGE shout-out to my All-Star Supporters!!!

Josh More

Steve Pollard

Hans and Lisa Melby

Linda Otteson

William Pollard

Erik Elmhauser

John Stewart

Michael Johnson

Yaniv Amiel

John Norman and Family

In Memory Of

Max Graham

who helped me bring this music to life, and taught me so much about what it is to be a musician. 

Janet Javorka

who believed in me as only a grandmother can,

Nora Martin

one of the biggest cheerleaders I’ve ever been blessed with, gone far too soon.