Kerri Joy


Kerri Joy’s musical life began with the American Old Time fiddle tradition. Born in northwest Montana and inspired by folk, bluegrass and country-western music, Kerri convinced her parents to offer her fiddle lessons with Jeri Currie (Fiddlesticks school of music) at the age of 8.  Her formative years were spent exploring music from the Celtic countries, classical, country, jazz, and musical theater. 

Pursuing a vast exploration in the world of folk music, Kerri has performed throughout the USA and lived in Austin (Texas), New York, and Minneapolis (Minnesota). She has played with bluegrass, jam. rock, reggae, folk, and jazz groups, Rat Pack Revivals and variety shows, and of course with Irish and Scottish musicians on various stages, even drawing straight from the source in the pub sessions of Cork, Ennis, and Galway in Ireland. She has collaborated with the groups SisterTree, Poor Man’s Fortune, Ginstrings, Wookiefoot, Wild Colonial Bhoys, and Alba Spina, among others. 

Kerri Joy is currently living and working in Brittany (Bretagne), France.

"When I listen to [Kerri] sing I either get chills or I weep or both. Her singing is so clear that I don't hear words, I hear absolute tones. And they sound divine. I mean that. Kerri's voice resonates with the beauty and grace of god."
Brant Kingman
Artist, Kingman Studios